Sunnanå Studio

Wordclass musicstudio only minutes from central Malmö

About Sunnanå Studio

Sunnanå Studio is housed in the old school in Sunnanå. The surroundings offer a relaxed countryside athmosphere even though its only a few minutes by car to Malmö. Since its opening in 1999 many artists, bands och orchestras has had their dreams realised here at Sunnanå Studio. The studio is located right next to our large TV-studio and gives us the possibillities to accomodate even the largest orchestras and bands.

We combine the best from both the analog and the digital world, offering a smooth workflow and a great sound every time.



Put the finishing touch on your mix. We use the best analog and digital equipment to make sure your material will sound as good as possible, delivered in any format you might require.


Analog or digital. What ever suits your needs. we have experience in mixing both music, commercials and TV-shows.


Made either in the large TV-studio or in the live room depending on the needs of the project.

On location recording

We can do 24ch live-recording with the help of our mobile rig.

Some of our equipment

Mixer: Raindirk LN3 40ch
Monitoring: ATC SCM 150 och Dynaudio Bm5a, Beyer Dynamic and Sennheiser headphones.
Outboard from: Tube tech, DMR, TC Electronics, Dbx, Empirical labs, Lexicon etc
Software from: Waves, Brainworx, Fabfilter, Audioease etc
Microphones from: DPA, Neumann, Shure, Akg, Sennheiser etc

Complete list is available upon request.


Here you can listen to some of our clients work



Sunnanåvägen 142
232 91 Arlöv